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Covid Changes at Amigos Hostel

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Covid Changes and Practices

Arriving you will notice all the protocol signs on the main door.

Once you ring the doorbell, you will be greeted by staff wearing a mask and protective shield.

You will be admitted one guest at a time unless you are a group traveling together. Once inside the gate, your temperature will be taken, you will be given hand gel, your pack will be wiped down and you will be asked to step on a mat which is wet with sanitizer.

Then proceed to the office for check in. One person at a time in the office, while others wait outside keeping social distance while doing so. After this off to the dorms.

The dorms now have screened doors, so the main door of each dorm is kept open all day, windows open and ceiling fans on all day to circulate air.

Each bed has an assigned locker. You will be given a lock to use while here. In each dorm one set of bunks is not in use and is draped with a sign saying not in use. This is to allow for distance between beds. Each lower bunk now has curtains.

In each locker you will find the top sheet as well as your pillow. There is also a bag and in this bag are large plate, small plate, bowl, placemat, drinking cup, coffee mug, knife, fork, soup spoon, and teaspoon. This is to keep all separate no sharing of kitchen utensils to prevent any sharing of germs. Each client is to wash and dry his/her items and return them to the bag and keep their bag in their locker or on their bed when not in use.

If the occupancy of the hostel requires, a timetable for use of the kitchen will be instituted to prevent crowds using the kitchen at the same time. When there is more than one person in the dorm, commonly touched areas such as doorknobs, light switches, etc. are sanitized at least twice a day. AC units have received the sanitization treatment as required for operational permits.

In the common area you will see spaces on each sofa to create the distance recommended. Dining tables are set apart also.

I have the same staff, Jhasiby and Freddy her husband who have been with me since 2001 and live on site. We have all taken several courses about Covid.

Do remember I, Kathy, am a critical care ICU nurse and have incorporated my knowledge into operations here to keep us all healthy! Hand gel is widely available and like wise lots of soap and water and paper towels are available for frequent hand washing. A separate trash can for disposable masks is set up. Here on Cozumel, proper face masks are mandatory at all times while outside as well as inside. In a restaurant while eating you can remove, but should you get up to use the BR, you must wear it. Likewise, on dive/snorkel boats you are to wear a mask when not in the ocean. The procedure of hand gel, temp and shoe sanitization is in ALL locations every type of business adheres to this as the local, state and federal protocols require for operation.?P>