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Welcome to the Mayan Island of Fertility

The island of Cozumel itself is the largest island in the republic of Mexico and is 33 miles long and just about 10 miles wide. The surface is made up of porous limestone, which absorbs most of the rain water, so run off virtually never occurs. The island is separated from the main land Mexico-Yucatan Peninsular by the straight of Cozumel, 11-12 miles wide with depths of over 3000 feet!!!

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Mayan Arch at San Gervasio

Ah-Cuzamil -PetÚn, or the island of the swallows, as it was called by the Mayans was considered a sacred shrine and was dedicated to the Mayan goddess of fertility, Ix-chel.

Cozumel hostel Amigos mayan ruins

Ruins at San Gervasio

The island is believed to have been inhabited since 300 AD by the Mayan people. The Mayan ruins here on the island, San Gervasio, are dedicated to Ix-chel.

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La Casa de los Manos, The House of the Hands

1518 was the year the first Spanish arrived to the island. Cozumel island was the first place in "New Spain" where the Spanish priests traveling with the different explorations, said Catholic mass. Juan de Grijalva was the first of the Spanish to arrive on the island. Following him the bandito, Hernan Cortez invaded Cozumel, destroying most of the Mayan buildings and leaving small pox behind, which nearly left the island uninhabited.

By the 1600s the island was completely abandoned with the exception of the occasional sea pirate who would hide out in the small coves surrounding the island. Some of the famous pirates to 'visit'Cozumel were Henry Morgan and Jean Lafitte. It was not until the "War of the Castes" ( 1848-1901) that refugees of this war came to Cozumel, thus re-inhabiting the island.

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In the early 1960s two important things happened to put Cozumel on the 'tourist' map.. The first was the discovery by famed underwater oceanographer, Jacque I. Cousteau, of the underwater marvel, now called "The Great Meso American Reef", second largest barrier reef system in the world. Cousteau named the section just off the southwestern edge of the island," the Palancar" reef.. Thus the scuba diving industry on the island was born.. The second event to put Cozumel on the tourist map, was the arrival of Mexicana Airlines to the island and the start of direct international flights from Miami Florida to Cozumel. Back then the one hour flight was under 100US!! For more information about scuba diving from Cozumel, visit Cozumel Scuba Diving

Today the island is a growing tourist center, receiving guests from all over the world. Cozumel has become the largest Mexican port of call for the cruise ship industry, as well continuing to attract scuba divers and snorkelers from all corners of the globe.

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